Try to avoid eating on the side where your new temporary crown is. While the temporary crown is designed to protect your tooth prior to delivery of the permanent crown, it can still dislodge or fracture. The temporary crown is meant only to serve your needs while a permanent crown is being made especially for you.

Color: The color of the acrylic temporary crown does not resemble the final permanent crown.

Shape and Size: Temporary crowns are custom-made for each patient, but they may not resemble the final crown, which indeed is being made especially for your tooth at our dental lab.

Tooth Sensitivity: Your temporary crown will protect the sensitivity of the prepared tooth.

However, you may notice sensitivity to heat, cold, sweets. These sensations should dissipate once the permanent crown has been cemented into place.


Rules of Caution

  • The temporary cement takes 30 minutes to set. Please avoid eating on the temporary crown during this setup phase.
  • Certain foods can stick to the crown or may cause the temporary crown to dislodge . Try to not chew sticky foods or candies, especially gum. Please avoid eating sticky or hard foods while in the temporary crown phase, especially on the same side where your temporary crown is.
  • Temporary crowns are not as strong as permanent crowns. They can fracture or come out. If this happens, please call our office and bring in your temporary crown to allow our office to re-cement it. If you are out-of-town or cannot reach our office, please go to the pharmacy and purchase some Fixodent or Dental Temporary Cement and replace the crown yourself until you can come see us. Toothpaste can be used as a last resort to hold the crown in temporarily.
  • Please do not leave the temporary crown out of your mouth. Your teeth can shift or move without the temporary crown in place and may cause the permanent crown not to fit properly.
  • Do not brush or floss too vigorously around the temporary crown. Remember that it is important to keep the area clean–but use caution.
  • When flossing, remember to bring the floss through the “top” of the crown and “pull through sideways” upon completion to prevent the temporary crown from being pulled out and off the prepared tooth.

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